Win a Prize Package of Art Print IRIS

Win a Prize Package of Art Print IRIS

Win a Pack Rewards of Printed Art.

Hello, we are Fundaorigen, 
We have a group of graphic artists Afrocolombian of scarce economic resources. 
They need Materials to continue building their oil painting and watercolors, 
Their works are displayed in our shop for sale. 
For this reason, we have decided to create this artistic project 
which is to create Abstract Wallpapers  and sell to our contributors, 
in order to raise funds to purchase new materials: 
Oil, canvas, frames, acrylics, watercolors, turpentine and other solvents. 
The contributors can win a prize package: 
  • One (1) STRETCHED CANVAS IRIS [Abstract Art]
  • One (1) tote-bag  IRIS [Abstract Art]
  • One (1) T-shirt  IRIS [Abstract Art]

The participant with the most votes on our website will be winner. 
The prize will ship to any country.

Rewards 5 EUR: One [1] Wallpapers. Select your favorite theme and color.

      • Yellow Abstract Wallpaper
      • Blue Abstract Wallpaper
      • Red Abstract Wallpaper
      • Green Abstract Wallpaper
      • Orange Abstract Wallpaper
      • Purple Abstract Wallpaper
      • Brown Abstract Wallpaper
      • Skin Abstract Wallpaper
      • Pink Abstract Wallpaper
      • Grey Abstract Wallpaper
      • White Abstract Wallpaper
      • Black Abstract Wallpaper
      • Tranparent Abstract Wallpaper

Special Rewards 50 EUR: Advertising

Banner on our website until 30 May 2014.

Our website will have a lot of visitors to the time to get the votes.

This is a good opportunity to publicize your project or campaign.

Includes participation to win the prize package.

One [1] available.

Yellow Wallpaper Sample >>>

Win a Prize Package of Art Print:

All contributors of this campaign have the opportunity to win a prize package art print.
      • First Place:  Prize Package A [Art Canvas Print 83x60 cm tote bag + T-Shirt]

      • Second place: Prize Package B [T-shirt + tote bag]

      • Third place: T-Shirt

The money raised will be spent on the following charges:

    • Production: 45%
    • Distribution: 35%
    • Transactions: 10%
    • Commission: 10%
    • Incidentals: 5%
We had to make a number of processes to launch this project.

It was necessary to open a Account Bank from U.S. and Paypal Premium.

We had to create original content copyrighted.

We bought our own domain for website

We made high quality artwork for rewards.

Open a store to sell at Amazon to shipping Rewards.

Finally launch a project on this platform of crowdfunding.

Date: End of crowfunding campaign.

March 31, 2014

When our crowdfunding campaign is closed, no more entries will be accepted.

If the campaign reaches the goal: we can start the contest and the winners will receive their prize package.

If the campaign does not reach 100%: the contest will be canceled, but participants will have the wallpaper as a reward. The reward of advertising will be inserted at our website until the day May 30, 2014.

Date: start of the contest.

April 1, 2014

This day, the wallpapers with names or nicknames of participants will be posted on our website.

The participant with the most votes on our website will be the winner.

About the vote to win the prize package.

The contributor´s wallpaper will be posted on our website.
Each publication has a Google +1 Button.
The participant with the most votes on our website  will be the winner.
The participant must share the URL of your wallpaper to get votes through your contacts.
We will share relevant information, advice and recommendations to get votes.
Prizes will be sent to the address of each of the winners. Shipping included

Sample of Publication

Date: Final Contest.

April 30, 2014.

This day, the names or nicknames of the winners will be announced on our website.

We will notify all participants to report about the winners.

Date: Shipping your prize package.

May 1, 2014.

We will send you a message by email to the winners to confirm your identity and shipping address for the effective delivery of the prize package.

The prize package will be sent when the winner has confirmed the data.

The Winners do not have to pay any additional costs. Shipping correponde to Cibercali team.

The awards take 1 to 2 weeks to reach the winner's home. This depends on the country.